Why is the Yatri motorcycle so expensive?

The technological field of Nepal has seen a great leap especially after the first electric motorcycle made entirely in Nepal was released. As electric motors have been popular recently, Ashim Pandey took a bold step forward as he founded Yatri Motors in 2017. 

Amidst Tesla, Niro, and many more electric motors in Nepal a homemade one will soon be on sale! However, there is one factor of Yatri Motors that may shock consumers, which is its price.

Yatri Motorcycle Features and More

Yatri Motorcycles have released two models, Project one and Project zero for now. 

Project zero is bigger and stronger as compared to project one.

The P0 motorcycle will have a full speed of 140 KPH (Kilometres Per Hour), it can speed up from 0 – 60 KMH in 2.5 seconds. It has a battery capacity of 8 KW battery and can fully charge within 2 hours. 

Similarly, the Project 1 motorcycles can reach up to 100 KPH. The battery capacity for this model is 3KW and will take 1 hour to do so. 

A very interesting feature of the yatri motorcycles which makes it an impressive model is that it is 100% from Carbon Fibre! This makes the bike lightweight and allows it to easily travel higher. 

Another one of its features is its own Yatri Hub App. This is accessible through a 7’’ TFT dashboard screen with the battery level, the speed displayed. Besides, it also has unconventional services like in-built 4G connectivity and navigation and OTA updates. 

Project 1 inherits and displays the physical characteristics and aesthetic of a Cafe Racer, which is a lightweight bike. 

The Yatri motorcycles were set to release in March of 2020 but due to the virus, it was impossible. On April 23rd, 2021, Yatri Motorcycles finally released the prices of their bikes, and it raised many eyebrows. 

The price for Project 1 is Rs 4,95,000 and the price for Project 0 is 19,49,000. However, is the price too high? Or is it worth it?

Why the high price?

The price at the first glance does seem extremely high. However, there are many things to take under consideration before exclaiming that the price is too high for a bike. 

The first thing is that the Yatri Motorcycle, although made in Nepal, does require to import of parts like batteries and motors from other countries, which they have done so. They have imported parts from countries like the USA, India, and China, and adding the import tax the government applies makes the parts even more expensive for the startup. 

Another factor to remember is that, if you were to order an electric bike from abroad by yourself, you would also have to add 40% tax to the bill. This makes any imported vehicles highly expensive which is exactly why a homemade motor brand like Yatri is very essential and useful for us. 

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The yatri motorcycle released and to be sold are first-generation products. And generally, the first-generation production always has a heavier price. This is simply because there are limited production and the company cannot benefit if the price is no slightly higher. This is the same case for any first-generation production. 

And of course, we cannot forget that the company right now is still a startup. This means they have limited funds and a lot of quality and impression to maintain. The production and price are inversely proportional to each other which means that as the production and the brand increase the price will decrease. Hence, that means the promotion and growth of the brand Yatri are very crucial for it to have a lower price. 

Yatri Motorcycle has taken a big step forward for the country by producing a homemade electric bike. Although currently, the price may be high for many to afford as the brand gains recognition and value, the production will increase, and hopefully, soon the price will be lowered. As we have seen above the high price currently is also not unfair and unreal. There are logical reasons why the price is so high. So for now we need to promote and show acceptance to our brand as much as we can.

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