Will Panchey Baaja app attract Nepali app developers towards more Nepali dating apps?

With the digitization of many of our activities, matrimony/ dating apps in Nepal also seem to have been gaining popularity.

In a community like in Nepal, the most preferred type of marriage was an arranged marriage. Hence in a community where dating is often frowned upon will these apps be of any help? Hmm… That is something interesting! 

Well, the answer is yes. These matrimony/ dating apps in Nepal is not only providing choices to the individuals but also they are becoming digital “lami”. If you are unaware, ‘lami’ are the ones who set up families according to their statuses or wish.

Panchey Baaja: A Nepali matrimony app

The recently released Nepali dating/ matrimony app by Half Full Technology is Panchey Baaja. It is an application designed for Nepali individuals living in Nepal or abroad. 

Panchey baaja nepali dating app

The dating/ matrimony app is designed to help you find your soulmate by catering to your preferences. You can search for your potential suitors based on location, education qualification, the field of study, interests, income, caste, citizenship, and much more. You can search for people in your location, in any other city in your country, or other countries as well.

Once you connect with a counterpart, you can verify your identity and chat with them. Panchey Baaja also requires users to verify their identity with a selfie before messaging to a new connection for the first time.

Current status of dating apps in Nepal

At present, the most used dating apps in Nepal are Tinder, TanTan, and Saathi. And these are American, Chinese, and Indian apps. 

The reason for a bright future for Nepali dating apps is now Nepali people are more open to this approach. Also, these international dating apps are not as convenient for us. 

The filtering process & presenting matches in the Panchey Baaja app is quite different. It is even different than Indian ways. 

People looking to marry here in Nepal may have many criteria to find their match. Caste, job, family background, educational background, and many more. And these categories are not in dating apps like Tinder, TanTan, and Bumble.

So with the launch of Panchey Baaja, it has catered to a section of people.

Are there possibilities for more Nepali matrimony/ dating apps?

 The immediate answer is Yes!!

There is a huge possibility of launching similar apps in Nepal. The first one is its unique focus on Nepali lifestyle and dating culture which will be well taken by the public.

On other hand, we can see a trend in Nepal where similar apps follow after the success of another. 

Let’s review some services that have seen a very good projectile and usage which then, lead to the release of similar apps. 

  • Digital Wallets in Nepal

Nepal’s first online payment gateway, esewa is a comprehensive online payment solution. With eSewa digital wallet, customers can pay, send & receive money using their phone.

Now with the growth & popularity of the digital wallet, the app developers were more attracted to it. Currently, we can see various digital wallets in Nepal. Khalti, IME Pay, Prabhu Pay, and more. Probably, some more are on their way.

  • Ride-Sharing Apps in Nepal

The popularity of ride-sharing apps Tootle is something everyone has heard of. Following the popularity & success of tootle, even the Bangladeshi company Pathao released its services in Nepal. 

The success of these ride-sharing apps has led many app developers to more of these apps. Superapp, Sawarima, Sarathi, Lozoom, and probably some more.

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  •  Food delivery Apps in Nepal

Following the success of Foodmandu, many apps were launched such as Bhojdeals, FYMO, Tato Mitho, and many more.

All said and done, Panchey Baaja has something to offer. But how will it find its popularity among its target audiences is to look for.

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