Work From Home: A new normal in Nepal?

Once again as the covid-19 is spreading like wildfire in Nepal. The cases of covid are increasing every day. At a time like this, the government has announced a restricted access stage “nished aagya”, which does basically mean a lockdown. This means a comeback of the work from the home method.

Work from home: A new normal

At unprecedented times like this, working from home is the only way to continue businesses and services. There are many hardships faced during this process. People may not find it effective or productive enough and complain about it. However, it is the only way forward. And actually, it may not be as unproductive as we think.

Nishant Karki, from Bajra technologies, shared to The Kathmandu Post that his company thought due to remote working, they would lose about 50% efficiency. Yet, they only saw a decrease of 5-10% efficiency after implementing the system.

Similarly, Twitter was one of the first companies to switch to remote working and they share that they may even let employees continue working from home if they wish to. For Twitter, it has become the new normal as they share that they do not want to be the first ones to return either. 

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Different aspects of Work From Home

As the traditional workspace is completely at a halt right now some hardships work from home poses. Especially in the Nepalese context that companies and their employees recognize and try to fix. Some of the common problems faced during work from home in Nepal are:

Network problems

This is one of the most crucial yet most common problems faced during work from home. Glitches and sudden blackouts in the middle of a meeting will be problematic and unproductive. A workplace usually has 100mbps of the network whereas at home 20 Mbps is common. Besides the internet at home is generally shared. 


The world may be digitizing but most of our habits are not. A maximum number of working adults prefer paper over digital. Most people just do not feel the same doing professional work from their bedrooms. Also, there is always constant noise of family members to distract you in the context of Nepal.


Most people who are alone during the lockdown go through mental health issues for being distant and stressed with the situation. The unknown end to the virus makes people anxious and at times like this, people feel unmotivated to do anything let alone their job. Focus and concentration are hard to come by which can make the work careless. 

Even so, there are ways to make your work from home productive.

Working space

People should set up a working space that boosts their productivity. Away from distractions and noise and with a location best for wifi/internet usage. People need to try to find a way to make this monotonous routine more effective. The employee has to try to front their side to make their physical surroundings as formal as possible to help themselves.


The companies can provide their employee allowance for the internet if one can not afford it. Since working from home does cut a lot of expenses a proper wifi connection is a very important thing to invest in. The foundation of Working from home lies solely on the internet hence it can not be compromised. 

Productive applications

There are millions of apps in the paysite, each catering to a different sector of our lives. Apps for boosting productivity are also easily available. Trello is made to help people organize and plan their tasks, emails, and more. Apps like zoom and google meet should be used instead of distracting social media applications where in the next scroll you find your friend’s pictures. 


Most people share that exercising before getting to their work is very helpful instead of rolling out of the bed straight to a meeting. Some workaholics may not stop working since they do not realize the time passing at their homes. Breaks are very also very crucial to make sure the brain does not get lazy. So everyone should make sure of taking breaks during work from home also to be more productive.

As work from home has made a comeback in our lives, we need to learn about the problems we face previously and try to make this time a smoother experience. Of course, working on Zoom remotely and a physical workspace will have their differences. But at the moment, we can not risk our health and should instead be grateful we can still work at all. Companies, as well as employees, should meet a balance and try to make work from home more productive and effective.

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