Yatri Motorcycle: Will it be a new era for Nepali automobiles?

Nepal has the largest amount of foreign automobiles. Not only are they all foreign-manufactured, but the import tax rate is 288%. There are a very limited amount of Nepal based automobiles. Among a market filled with foreign products, Ashim Pandey thought of an innovative Yatri Motorcycle.

Project Zero from Yatri Motorcycles

Project Zero by Ashim Pandey had released the 1st prototype of the Yatri motorcycle in 2017. The product of their project zero is a green automobile made in Nepal. The first release of the look was in December of 2017.

Talking about the product itself, it is made of 100% carbon fiber making it lightweight. The company has also developed a Yatri Hub app. It is connected to the 7 inches full HD display at the center of the handlebar. It not only shows the speed, time, and operating temperature but also shows the money you are saving by switching to Project Zero and going green.

They were set to release the Yatri motorcycles in showrooms in March of 2020. But because of the covid, they are aiming for April 2021 now.


They have compared their designs to Tesla Motors’ cyber truck. With the cutting technology and modern aesthetics. Although their release halted due to the pandemic. They gained a lot of popularity during their initial state. Youtube videos about them gained hundreds of thousands of views and they were quite the talk of the town.

Hulas Motors

Another electronic automobile made in Nepal is from the Hulas motors. They have three models released. It includes a three-wheeler electric rickshaw, an electronic cargo, and an electric car named “ hulas da vinci”. 

hulas da vinci

Hulas Motors have visioned to cater to the high need for environmentally friendly alternatives. As the pollution is getting worse by the day. Yet, like the yatri motorcycles, the cars were set to release soon in 2020 which again got affected by the covid. 

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Electric automobiles in Nepal

There are a lot of automobiles available on the market already. Some of the many are MG, Reva, and Niro. Not to forget the highly famous Tesla cars have also been recently entered in Nepal. This car as a luxury brand can already be spotted in Nepal.

Despite the 288% high tax rate on imported cars, we Nepalese buy expensive cars. This gives us an idea about just how much people are ready to invest in their automobiles. 

Nepal, a supposedly underdeveloped country, pays more tax on cars than other similar or in fact, more developed countries. To put in perspective, the rates are down below, we pay a lot more than our neighboring country, India.

Having said all of these, even in Nepal, many electric vehicles are being manufactured. But among them, Yatri Motorcycle is the one able to garner the eyeballs of many.

Because of its fresh design, even the youths are waiting for its launch. Yatri motorcycles will not only provide commuters with a premium riding experience but also eliminates pollution in the urban landscape.

So the question is, with its wide reach, will Yatri motorcycles be able to bring the stir in the developing electric automobiles in Nepal???

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