Dream Big Guys!

If you can make it in the Indian Market, you can make it everywhere.

If you haven’t heard it already, Zomato, an Indian food delivery startup acquired India operations of Uber-Eats at an astonishing deal worth $350 million dollars. It was all stock-exchange deal that provides Uber, the US-based ride-hailing company 10% of Zomato’s share.

Picture Source: Forbes India

For those who don’t know Zomato is an Indian Food Delivery startup founded in 2008 that had been competing with the likes of Swiggy and Uber-eats for a chunk of Indian food delivery market that is estimated to be touch an eye-watering $12.53 billion by 2023. With the acquisition of the third-largest player in the market, Zomato has solidified its market-share even further.

A few months back in around April 2019 AirBnB confirmed its investment at OYO Rooms, another India based company that was competing for heads on with the Silicon Valley giant named in almost every case study of the sharing economy. The investment rumored to be worth $150-200 million was seen as a strategic move for both the companies that solidifies each companies’ presence in the growing Indian Market.

As these stories unfold, I am pondering about the likes of Foodmandu’s and Foodmario’s that have in a way redefined how people eat back at home in Kathmandu. But, while the Silicon Valley giants are eyeing our neighbor’s market, our startups seem to be just enjoying redefinition back at home. While I don’t doubt the innovation value that our startups have brought back home, the market and the scale we are operating in is probably just too small to get noticed.

I am sure, expansion to the Indian Market is easier said than done. But, given its perks, I am sure it’s an opportunity worth trying. If you get noticed and make it big, Great, if not, at least you will have a story of attempted expansion to share.

So, Dream more guys, and be more hungry, Indian Market for Nepali people is much more penetrable than we think.

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